Ratchet safety handle "push" version


  • Technopolymer, fiberglass-reinforced, black colour, solvents- oils- greaseproof.
  • Brass insert, with threaded blind hole.
  • Zinc-plated steel insert, threaded.
  • Push-button, technopolymer, black colour.
  • Stainless steel return-spring.
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Variants available

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14601855R. 100 M12x50 Add to list
14602005R. 100 M14x50 Add to list
14602155R. 100 M16x50 Add to list
15602300R. 128 M12x50 Add to list
15602450R. 128 M14x50 Add to list
15602605R. 128 M16x50 Add to list
15602755R. 148 M12x50 Add to list
15602905R. 148 M14x50 Add to list
15603055R. 148 M16x50 Add to list
14300505R. 100 M12 Add to list
14300555R. 100 M14 Add to list
14300605R. 100 M16 Add to list
15300655R. 128 M12 Add to list
15300705R. 128 M14 Add to list
15300755R. 128 M16 Add to list
15300805R. 148 M12 Add to list
15300855R. 148 M14 Add to list
15300905R. 148 M16 Add to list