Ogival low handle with moulded thread


  • Phenoplast, black colour, solvents-oils-greases and other chemical agents-proof.
  • Threaded blind hole.
  • Special items on request.
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Variants available

Below the list of variants available for the product Ogival low handle with moulded thread.
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25510000L 43 06MA Add to list
25510050L 43 08MA Add to list
25510100L 43 10MA Add to list
25510150L 56 08MA Add to list
25510200L 56 10MA Add to list
25510250L 59 08MA Add to list
25510300L 59 10MA Add to list
25510350L 59 12MA Add to list
25510400L 70 08MA Add to list
25510450L 70 10MA Add to list
25510500L 70 12MA Add to list
25510550L 70 14MA Add to list